Welcome to SMILE, Karolinska University Hospital, Huddinge

SMILE, Stockholm Medical Imaging Laboratory and Education, was founded in 2001 with the purpose of facilitating image analysis and evaluation of digital data from research within MRI, SPECT and PET. SMILE functions as a hub where PhD students and researchers can meet and take advantage of the collected competence in various image analysis methods and utilize the powerful computers installed at the laboratory. All projects are welcome, as long as they are associated with Karolinska University Hospital or Karolinska Institute. The cost of using the SMILE resources is regulated by the control group, and depends on the level of usage. Please ask the manager for an up-to-date price list.


The Imagelab has hardware consisting of high speed computers and large storage capabilities. On the software side various advanced analysis programs are available, such as Brainvoyager for fMRI evaluations, the mathematical tool Statistica, and FSL and Hermes for volumetric measurements (see further under Software). A network which connects all of Huddinge Hospital with SMILE has been developed, and images can be transferred and stored for research purposes from all clinical imaging modalities. Temporary research space is also available at SMILE, as well as a small library with scientific literature and journals. PhD students can perform part of their scientific work at the laboratory, such as image analysis and statistical computing, and in addition meet tutors and fellow students for fruitful seminars and scientific discussions. At SMILE supervision on how to use the different image analysis tools and computer systems can be received, and it is possible to perform basic programming in order to modify and adapt the software.

Examples of present and past activities are given under the tab Research. To date, SMILE has among other projects assisted with evaluations of structural MRI studies, SPECT studies on large populations and evaluations of fMRI experiments, and a number of theses have been published with substantial aid from SMILE.


You may also download our brochure describing the resources available at SMILE.

Winter at the Karolinska University Hospital, Huddinge.
Latest News
[2014-05-27] Rita Almeida will give a workshop on statistical analysis of neuroimaging data will be on multivariate pattern analysis. May 27 in Solna. For details see notice under "Education".

[[2014-03-11] Alex Bogason, will give a workshop on iodine based contrast right down to the cellular level. Leif Svenssonsalen C2:72,kl.13:45 (in Swedish)

[2014-04-11] Ozan Öktem will give a seminar on "Clinical Image reconstruction: Simplification as a route to increased resolution." For details see notice under "EDUCATION". (In English)



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